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Are you ready for the workplace of tomorrow?

Published: 12 October 2017

Have you given some thought lately to how technology and automation will impact your workplace in the next decade or two? It’s estimated that up to 47...

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4 signs it’s time to invest in an IT managed service provider

Published: 03 October 2017

Demand forIT managed service providers is growing apace, with the managed services market reaching $143.3 billion in 2016 and set to expand, at a...

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Quick guide: how to embrace a digital workplace

Published: 19 September 2017

Your workplace is changing. It’s not enough to give your staff a traditional office with a desk and a computer to do their work. The digital age...

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How to improve collaboration in the workplace

Published: 14 September 2017

If you’re struggling to increase collaboration in the workplace, then you’re not alone. Over the last 20 years, collaborative activities (such as...

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10 key facts about the GDPR your business needs to know

Published: 08 September 2017

The UK’s data protection laws will be overhauled on 25th May 2018 - replacing the current Data Protection Act (DPA) with a new incarnation - the...

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How to carry out a successful network security audit

Published: 15 August 2017

As the professional responsible for your organisation’s IT security, you should insist on an annual network security audit if you haven’t already....

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How the growth of VPN usage is likely to affect network security

Published: 08 August 2017

Public concerns about security are leading to an explosion in Virtual Private Network (VPN) usage which allows individuals and organisations to change...

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Could your outdated data centre infrastructure survive a cyber attack?

Published: 04 August 2017

With business security professionals less confident in their defences than ever before, data centre modernisation is becoming far more than a...

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Top tips for data centre infrastructure efficiency

Published: 21 July 2017

Data centre energy consumption is responsible for two per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. This figure is set to treble in the next decade due...

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Six basic steps to achieve ransomware protection for your business

Published: 14 July 2017

The latest spate of ransomware attacks, affecting at least 2,000 organisations and individuals, has again drawn attention to the vulnerability of...

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